Cremation starting at $1200

Our family believes that funeral costs should not be a secret.  That is why we have developed this informative website and have put a full disclosure of our affordable prices for services and merchandise. 

Our funeral service has become one of the most trusted cremation providers on Long Island because of our affordable prices and caring dignified services. Simple Cremation starting at $1200. Below are some typical examples of the various cremation services and costs that our funeral service offers.  These are just examples and our family is able to arrange any type of service that you feel appropriate.  We are always available for any questions or concerns you may have.  Please do not hesitate to call on us.  

Direct or Simple Cremation- $1200*

Direct or Simple Cremation- $1200*

No Viewing or Visitation or family attending
Price includes the crematory fee at Mt. Pleasant Crematory

  • Staff Services and Supervision
  • Local Removal from Hospital or Suffolk County Medical Examiner (Western and Central Suffolk County and Nassau County)
  • Alternative Container for Cremation
  • Securing and Filing of the Death Certificate
  • Transportation to the Crematory
  • Includes Mount Pleasant Crematory Fee (under 300 lbs)
  • New York City Five Boroughs add $350
  • Town of Riverhead/Southampton add $150
  • Town of Southold/East Hampton and points Eastadd $500
  • Over 300 lbs. add $200
  • House Removal additional $200

*Additional costs for the above services include if applicable or selected:

  • House Removals add $200
  • Death Certificate Copies (Nassau and Suffolk Counties $10 per copy, New York City $15 per copy)
  • Limousines
  • Hearse (if selected) +$550
  • Pallbearers
  • Clergy/Church Fees
  • Newspaper Death Notices
  • Suffolk County Medical Examiner's Cremation Clearance Fee $60
  • Hairdressing for woman $150
  • Non-local Transportation(5 mile radius of funeral home)
  • Urns
  • Over 300 lbs additional $200
  • Other casket selections.